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Saigon Spring is founded by me, my name is Trang Pham, i'm living in my beloved city where i were born, Saigon, Vietnam. Saigon, a city once known to be the Pearl of the Far East due to all the natural resources. From the war in 1975, the unique spirit of Saigon was greatly bruised and broken; and her prestigious nickname was stripped away. Throughout the years, Saigon’s resilience continued to bless her with the nature’s most precious and finest resources. Today, she continues to breathe life and vitality as one of Asia’s most dynamic city. 

Saigon Spring was created to revive Saigon’s nickname by sharing her most beautiful resources to the women in this world. Our products offer striking, bold, handmade jewelry and accessories, crafted using natural horns of water buffaloes and lacquer. The horns are from the water buffaloes in Vietnam, which have shedded naturally and/or were already slaughtered for their meat. All of our products are created by talented artisans in Vietnam and are selected for its impressive natural quality.

Our brand and style aims to invokes courage, spirit and resilience in every woman.


Saigon Spring is founded by Trang Pham, a Vietnamese national. Trang's background is marketing, but she loves handicrafts and making products for women.

Saigon, where she was born and now living, a city once known to be the "Pearl of the Far East" due to all the natural resources and unique Indo-Chinese culture-thus nicknamed "Indochine."

Saigon Spring was created with the intent to revive one of many Saigon’s cultural heritage. Our products offer handmade jewelry and accessories, using unique materials including natural buffalo horns, lacquer, cooper wire, and natural stones... All of our products are selected for its impressive natural quality.

Our products are shipped to customers in many other countries in the world like United States, France, Brazil, Australia, Singapore... For wholesale volumes please contact us


* Natural material but not harming animals

One of the materials we are using to make jewelry is buffalo horn. But this is an eco-friendly material, the horns are from the water buffaloes, which have shed naturally and/or were harvested when these beautiful creatures naturally die.