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Trang Pham

Shop's address: 9A, Street 43, Thao Dien, D2

Shop's address: 9A, Street 43, Thao Dien, D2

Dear valued customers, 

I am beyond happy to announce the opening of our new shop at 9A, Street 43, Thao Dien, District 2, Saigon. 

Please join us for the Grand Opening on Feb 20th, 2017 (11 days from today), from 9AM - 7PM. On that day, we will have the big promotion 25%, plus appetizers serve with wine from 5PM-7PM.

We will softy open and ready to serve you from Feb 12th (this Sunday), from 9AM - 7PM

Thank you everyone for being my valued customers, and support a Vietnam startup project! I value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in me, I look forward to keep serving you in the future.

Best wishes to you,
Trang Pham
Founder of Saigon Spring

Do you know that a piece of buffalo horn can turn out into a fabulous chunky chain necklace?

Trang Pham

Chunky chain necklace handmade of buffalo horn

When we think about products from buffaloes, most of us usually think about their meat, but actually their horn is a beautiful material to make horn jewelry and other things such as kitchenwares, comb...due to their amazing properties, hard but soft!

Firstly let's try to imagine how to make a chunky chain necklace from buffalo horn?!? It's so different between a horn and a necklace. Well, i have to say i had no idea how to do it at the beginning i learned about it! But trust me, it's a wonderful transition!

So, this is the process of how i make a chunky chain necklace from the buffalo horn: at first i purchase the raw horns of course haha, i'm a picky person, i love to see if each horn i choose will have beautiful textures on it, then i clean the horns, and cut each horn into pieces. Then i will boil them to make them softer, so i can laminate them easier. From those flat horn pieces, i continue to cut them into many smaller chain details, using some supporting machines like sawder, sander and polish them for a finishing layer. Now it's time to leave the dusty workshop, and bring all the chain pieces with me, go to my desk, and start to link all the pieces together, yay, that's how you get your beautiul chunky chain necklace!

Horn jewelry by Saigon Spring (Shop at

Horn jewelry by Saigon Spring (Shop at

And you know that, you can be very creative with buffalo horn when making jewelry, each piece is unique since you won't be able to find the same textures in another piece. 

I started to make buffalo horn jewelry about a year ago, i enjoy this job very much, it allows me live a freedom and creative life. More than that, i feel so good when i dare to conquer my fear about what i'm gonna do if i fall when i quit my unhappy fulltime job just to make jewelry, but i did. At first it was so tough, i thought i couldn't stand the pressure of being a young entreprenour. But finally i decided to go through it, because what if i fall? Well the worst thing is i will have to find another job, but at least i learn a lesson and do better next time. Fortunately i'm still living in my dream lol, i keep doing what i love, making jewelry and being creative. I hope to inspire some women around me, that if i can do that, you can do that, just leave everything behind and live for yourself, sometimes being a little selfish won't hurt anybody lol, i've learned that we need to feel good before we bring the good thing to others! I do hope my jewelry will bring you a little braveness from me haha, but i've put a lot of love and passion into every single piece so yes, you get my love and passion ;) 

To see all of my fabulous jewelry (yes i'm so proud of it), you can click here to visit my online shop My jewelry is even travelling to many countries in the world more than me, i'm so jealous lol. I hope you enjoy shopping with me, please treat yourself like a princess and get an unique horn jewelry, trust me, you get much more value than what you pay to have a piece of it.

The best anti static comb is made of buffalo horn, a wonderful gift for your beloved women

Trang Pham

Buffalo horn is one of the best material to make combs. Unlike plastic combs, the horn comb does not trap electric charges. Combing your hair with a horn comb helps balance the hair's electrical charge. A horn comb smoothes the hair and closes its scales. A comb or brush made of plastic would attack the hair, tear its micro-particles, and destroy the cuticle.

View our design for buffalo horn comb:

2016-10-04 22.15.07 copy.jpg