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Imported Products

Buffalo Horn Hair Comb, brushes for hair, horn beard comb, natural horn comb, high quality combs, anti static comb, horn comb

Buffalo Horn Hair Comb, brushes for hair, horn beard comb, natural horn comb, high quality combs, anti static comb, horn comb


Hair comb is handcrafted using water buffalo horn.

7.67" length

Horn is one of the best material to make combs. Unlike plastic combs, the horn comb does not trap electric charges. Combing your hair with a horn comb helps balance the hair's electrical charge. A horn comb smoothes the hair and closes its scales. A comb or brush made of plastic would attack the hair, tear its micro-particles, and destroy the cuticle.

Due to the organic material, the texture of horn from each comb may slightly varied but the quality is the same.


At first we will clean the horns, and cut each horn into pieces. Then we will boil them to make them softer, so we can laminate them easier. From those flat horn pieces, we can create many different shapes of jewelry, using some supporting machines like sawder, sander and polish them for a finishing layer. After working on the horn parts, depending on each design, we will put them together by other little horn loops/ cotton strings/ or elastic bands... All the process of making jewelry from horn take many hours of handcrafting with passion! And each item is our love and pride, we are very happy to send them to you and even more happier when you love it!



Saigon Spring is founded by me, my name is Trang Pham, i'm 26 year old. I love handcrafted jewelry and making products for women! I constantly fall in love with the horn jewelry from the first time i got to know about it and the process of making it! I hope to inspire you by the horn jewelry i make and to help create more jobs for women if i can develop this business!

My jewelry are shipped to customers in many other countries in the world like United States, France, Brazil, Singapore... and i do offer wholesale.

I commit to bring you the best experience of my jewelry quality as well as customer service! THANK YOU!

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